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    Prince Harry Has Grown A Scruffy Beard For His Birthday And People Are Into It

    Long live the beard.

    Our favourite royal, Prince Harry, turns 31 today.

    Which calls for celebration.

    But even more so thanks to this mighty fine beard he's grown for the occasion.

    Here's Prince Harry on the morning of his birthday on Tuesday.

    Oh HELLO rugged, handsome face.

    Hi, birthday beard.

    LOOK at him.

    It suits you.

    And we all LOVE it.

    Can we talk about the beard Prince Harry is currently sporting? Because HELLO 😍

    Prince Harry in flying gear, sporting a beard 😍

    happy birthday to us, #PrinceHarry 😋 you're sporting the beard 😍

    Prince Harry has a beard now. Yummy :-)

    Happy 31st, Harry!