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    Literally Just 28 Important Instagram Photos Of Idris Elba

    We are thankful for his account every single day.

    1. Idris Elba, what can we say?

    2. We just love him.

    3. And his Instagram account.

    4. Here's a picture of him looking dapper AF in a suit, because we need it in our lives.

    5. In fact, every outfit he wears makes us smile.

    6. He's the suave gentleman we need.

    7. Although we don't complain when he takes a break from his suits.

    8. Pretty happy about it tbh.

    9. But we also love him for providing us with ultimate Dad goals.

    10. Seriously.

    11. How cute is this?

    12. And, well, we can't handle this.

    13. And when he's on DJ duty?

    15. Even his throwback photos are the best.

    16. Although we mainly love his Instagram for providing us with endless pictures of his face.

    17. Even when he thinks he's broken his nose.

    18. And when he's supporting his favourite football team.

    19. Or showing off his beard on his 42nd birthday.

    20. When he's filming Luther next to a picture of him as Luther.

    21. We love him when he's in a happy mood.

    22. And a selfie mood.

    23. Because he should always be feeling his look.

    24. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

    25. Whether sun or rain.

    26. Even when he's hiding half of his face.

    27. Thanks for entertaining us, Idris.

    28. And here's a bonus Instagram video because we're still not over it.