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Lena Dunham Apologises To Magazine After Accusing It Of Photoshopping Her

"Sorry to make you the problem, you cool Spanish magazine you. Time to get to the bottom of this in a bigger way."

Lena Dunham has apologised to Spanish magazine Tentaciones after accusing it of photoshopping her body for its latest cover only to be proved wrong.

On Monday night the Girls actor called the magazine's publishers out for airbrushing her body to make her appear unrecognisable.

Dunham shared the image on her Instagram page, insisting that her body looked nothing like how the magazine made her look and asking the publishers to "be honest" with their readers.

But following the claim, bosses at the magazine published an open letter to Dunham saying they actually bought the picture as it was from the Corbis agency and didn't photoshop anything.

In the open letter, which was written in Spanish and can be read here, they wrote:

For this cover we used a picture of the session that you made ​​in 2013 Ruven Afanador photographer, published at the time by Entertainment Weekly. From TEMPTATIONS, we acquire that picture through the Corbis agency and use the original sent to us without applying any retouching. Those who know and follow our magazine know that we do not use Photoshop or other digital tools to change the physique of the people featured on our cover or inside stories. This time we just cut the original image to fit the format of our cover.

BuzzFeed then contacted Corbis for a comment. A spokesperson confirmed that it provided the picture but insisted that any retouching would have been cleared through Dunham's PR.

"I can confirm the magazine have used the photo as supplied by Corbis," The spokesperson said. "In line with standard practice, all retouching would have been cleared through Lena's PR before being made available for syndication."

And now Dunham has corrected her mistake. On Tuesday she shared this caption on Instagram:

Hey Tentaciones- thank you for sending the uncropped image (note to the confused: not unretouched, uncropped!) and for being so good natured about my request for accuracy. I understand that a whole bunch of people approved this photo before it got to you- and why wouldn't they? I look great. But it's a weird feeling to see a photo and not know if it's your own body anymore (and I'm pretty sure that will never be my thigh width but I honestly can't tell what's been slimmed and what hasn't.)

I'm not blaming anyone (y'know, except society at large.) I have a long and complicated history with retouching. I wanna live in this wild world and play the game and get my work seen, and I also want to be honest about who I am and what I stand for. Maybe it's turning 30. Maybe it's seeing my candidate of choice get bashed as much for having a normal woman's body as she is for her policies. Maybe it's getting sick and realizing ALL that matters is that this body work, not that it be milky white and slim. But I want something different now.

Thanks for helping me figure that out and sorry to make you the problem, you cool Spanish magazine you. Time to get to the bottom of this in a bigger way. Time to walk the talk. With endless love, Lena PS I'd love the Tentaciones subscription I was offered!

Here is a photo of the magazine cover next to a photo Dunham has previously shared of herself.

Over 40,000 people have so far liked her initial Instagram picture commenting on the magazine cover.

Dunham has often been open about her body image and proudly shares pictures of herself across social media.


And she's not the only female star to call out people for bad photoshopping. Kate Winslet has also previously spoken out about how magazines have changed her looks.