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    Posted on Nov 16, 2015

    Lady Gaga Supports Paris Attack Victims By Stepping Out In The French Flag Colours

    Showing her support.

    Celebrities from David Beckham to Beyoncé have flocked to social media this weekend to share tributes to the victims of the Paris attacks.

    Twitter: @jean_jullien / Via Twitter

    And Lady Gaga in particular has shown she's thinking of the country.

    From tweeting flowers representing the French flag colours.

    To changing all of her social media profile pictures to represent the country.

    And she also chose to represent France through her clothing.

    She wore the national colours as she headed out in Los Angeles on Saturday.

    And she included the French flag 🇫🇷 as her caption when she zoomed in on the material to show her purpose.

    Goodwin / Goodwin/VM/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES
    Goodwin / Goodwin/VM/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

    But she's not the only celebrity to share her support on social media.

    Follow BuzzFeed News’ ongoing coverage in Paris here.

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