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    Posted on Mar 27, 2014

    10 Important Things From Kit Harington's GQ Cover And Interview

    Well hello there, Jon Snow.

    1. Before we even look inside at the GQ interview let's just point out one thing: Kit is on the cover and he looks amazingly hot.

    Paola Kudacki / GQ

    Just look at it. Devour it. Enjoy it.

    2. Now that you've (hopefully) moved on from that, the interview actually begins with Kit, naturally, talking about his Game of Thrones character Jon Snow.

    "I think Jon Snow is one of the last bastions of a young hero who might do a good thing," he says. "There's a huge amount riding on him to be a leader, and I want him to become that leader. I guess for me, Jon Snow is a figure of hope within the whole thing—that he'll continue to be this good person, and somehow the story will end well for everybody."

    3. Although he thought he was always going to be typecast as "Male Rape Victim No. 2".

    Paola Kudacki / GQ

    Kit, who had only acted on stage in War Horse before landing Game of Thrones, told GQ: "I didn't really think I'd be a leading man in any respect whatsoever. At drama school in my third year I was resigned to the fate of being Young Male Rape Victim No. 2. That was the kind of category I was put in. I've got a very baby face underneath all of this fuzz."

    Well, his fuzzy face is laughing now.

    4. He's contracted to keep his long hair and beard. THANK YOU, GOT producers.

    Paola Kudacki / GQ

    "It does keep you restricted," he points out. "I can't go off and play a U.S. Marine." Ahh well!

    5. He doesn't wash his hair during filming.

    So that's his secret to those luscious locks. "I just don't wash my hair."

    "I like it to look greasy and medieval," he reasons, "so it gets very tangled. By the end it's pretty horrible."

    6. Getting this muscly for his new movie Pompeii was "fucking a lot of work".

    Constantin Film Produktion

    Oh — and he's not actually that tall. "That was fucking a lot of work," he says. "I'm five feet eight, and for that guy to be able to do what he does in the film, he's got to look superhuman."

    "It's not something I feel like I should look like every day in my normal life, or anyone should look like in their normal lives—it's not a natural state for your body to be in. But for a film sometimes you've got to do those sorts of things. For people's imaginations."

    7. He sums up why we all love Game of Thrones: "It's a rollicking good story with sex and violence."

    We hear ya.

    8. But his mother no longer watches it due to it being too violent.

    9. He is happy to take part in nude scenes in Game Of Thrones. And for that we are very happy.

    "It's only right, if you're going to make a show where nudity and sex is a large part of it, that you be a part of that."

    10. But that time we saw Jon Snow's bum when he jumped in the pool with Ygritte? Not his bum.

    "When it came down to it I had a broken ankle," he says, "so the only time you saw my ass, it wasn't my ass."

    The full Kit Harington interview can be read in April's GQ, on newsstands April 1, or online here.

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