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    27 Times Tyrion Lannister Was Out Of Control Sassy

    The King of Sassteros.

    1. Like when he made this statement.

    2. And this admission.

    3. In fact any time he speaks it's with an eloquent touch of sass.

    4. Especially when speaking to his sister.

    5. He has the sharpest comebacks in the whole of Westeros.

    6. And an astonishing way with words.

    7. Whether it's talking about his own nephew.

    8. Or to his lover.

    9. Or to basically anyone.

    10. He just says exactly what he's thinking.

    11. Because he just does not give a damn.

    12. At. All.

    13. Even his compliments are backhanded.

    14. And his facial expressions are as sassy as they come.

    15. Like so.

    16. He takes shit from no one.

    17. Even if they are king at the time.

    18. He refuses to be judged.

    19. Or to put up with boring individuals.

    20. Especially if they ask stupid questions all the damn time.

    21. He just likes to play it straight.

    22. And get everything off his chest.

    23. Every time he talks someone else feels stupid.

    24. Because he's Tyrion Lannister.

    25. And he knows his worth.

    26. So he won't put up with inferior situations.

    27. And he will just say it how it is.