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37 Jokes Only "Breaking Bad" Fans Will Understand

I am the one who knocks!

1. The "sexy Walter White" meme.

2. This chemistry gag.

3. And this one.

4. This cartoon strip.

5. This alternative take on it.

6. The issues of getting pizza in the White household.

7. This.

8. Which never gets old.

9. The struggles of being Heisenberg's child.

10. This movie gag.

11. And this pun.

12. Walt Jr.'s love for breakfast.

13. Is just too much fun to play with.

14. Seriously.

15. It had to be done.

16. As did this.

17. There's this valid point.

18. And this observation.

19. Meanwhile, poor Walt Jr.

20. And Jesse.

21. It's just too easy...

22. There's this.

23. And this matter of fact.

24. This chart.

25. And this photo.

26. Only true fans will get Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston's fancy dress in this picture.

27. And at this party.

28. Not forgetting this one.

29. And this will just mean so much.

30. There are memes galore.

31. And too many pun possibilities.

32. There's this inside joke.

33. And this one.

34. This point made by Hank.

35. And this tweet from real-life Hank.

36. These kids' Halloween costumes.

37. And this cat.