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24 Genius "Game Of Thrones" Costumes You'll Wish You'd Thought Of Sooner

Halloween is coming...

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their best Game of Thrones-inspired Halloween costumes. Here are the most inspiring, humorous, and adorable results, grouped into characters:

1. Hodor, especially with innovative props...

"Hodor and Bran in dog form." –piperjean


"Hodor and a door." –victoriaa4d48ca495

3. Unella/Shame Nun.

"I was Unella the 'Shame Nun' last Halloween. This was in Chicago during the World Series so I mainly spent the night yelling 'SHAME' at all the Cleveland fans." –kec678

4. Even better when paired with a Cersei.

"Cersei and Shame Nun. Obviously walked around doing the shame scene all night." –maureenb41429f243

5. Arya Stark

"Arya Stark at GoT-themed Halloween party 2 years ago. I cut up a men’s Goodwill sweater into strips and stitched it back together with leather cord, and then wrapped the edges with brown electrical tape. Needle is a dowel rod covered in tin foil. DIY always results the best costumes!" –meganb82

6. Daenerys Targaryen. Be as imaginative as you like when turning into a khaleesi.

"Mother of Dragons on the nanny’s day off." –edgyknucks

7. Incorporate a coordinating prop, like your pet dog...

"Dany complete with my doggo-dragon. Spent months getting my hair the desired color rather than go the wig route." –oliviap4c4fc2637

8. ...or your child...

"Mother of Dragons and a seven-month-old Drogon (who kept trying to eat my wig…)" –courtneyh4404e4755

9. ...or someone willing to be one of your dragons...

"Dressed as Daenerys and her Rhaegal." –tillys3

10. ...or a willing Khal Drogo...

"He agreed to dressing up like Khal Drogo for our first Halloween together (including getting his makeup done at MAC)… so I married him." –samaraw45a428a91

11. ...or if you're lucky, one of each...

"Drogon, Daenerys and Khal Drogo!" –chrisgrotewold

12. ...or even just using a toy you might find lying around.

"Mother of Dragons! I DIY'd this costume out of a scarf and a toga that I had made for a uni party, haha. Also this is the wig from my Kida cosplay :) I made paper wings for my brother's Charmander toy and called him Drogon all day, haha." –BrissieBuzzer


"Daenerys Targaryen and Drogon." –Jdalman

14. And if you're feeling super creative, then get your DIY on for a unique look.

"I sewed all the scales onto my Daenerys costume by hand, which took an eternity. I was sewing them in my sleep by the time I finished, but it was worth it." –erinr4142acc81

15. The Hound

"I made a burn prosthetic for my boyfriend so that he could be Sandor Clegane, aka The Hound. People kept prodding his face and grimacing all night." –redfury143

16. Maybe with props only true fans of the show will get.

17. Jon Snow.

"Two years ago, I knew nothing." –anthonys455d17364


"When Jon Snow got a dip dye…" –jennifersorayam


"Here’s the costume I made for my oldest son last year for Halloween… He grew his hair out for months. Also included is Minnie Dog playing the role of Ghost." –Looterdooter

20. Pun-tastic costumes especially welcome.

"Jon Snow White!!!" –reilz2003

21. Brienne of Tarth

"Basically the same person." –ginim424e3f50b

22. Melisandre is perfect for Halloween.

"Me as Melisandre a few years ago." –lindseyk4206dd77f

23. And finally, if you fancy yourself as a Sansa Stark...

"Long live Sansa Stark!" –Tess D.

24. ...or your pet dog does, instead.

"She was Sansa Stark obvi.." –ch1kitabanana

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