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Tom Hardy Took His Dog To The "Legend" Premiere And It Was Adorable

Warning: This post contains lots of images of adorable dogs and bearded men.

Tom Hardy took his dog to a movie premiere on Thursday night.

And life will never be the same again.

Here's Tom's dog, Woody, walking the blue carpet at the Legend premiere in London.

And here he is getting involved with Daddy's press interviews.

#TomHardy bought his dog Woody to the #Legend premiere @LegendFilmUK @GettyVIP #Krays


Here's Woody posing with the cast.

And kissing leading lady Emily Browning.

And running around to his heart's content.

Oh, and here he is chasing a pigeon.

It's OK, the pigeon got away.

And here they both are posing in sync.


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