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    27 Times Holly Willoughby Proved She's Naughty And Nice And We Loved Her For It

    The nation's true sweetheart.

    1. Holly Willoughby, isn't she the best?


    2. Whether she's being cute and lovable...


    3. Or cheeky...


    4. She doesn't take herself seriously and we love her for it.

    5. We've seen her naughty side a lot thanks to her role on Celebrity Juice.


    6. But it's thanks to her role on This Morning that we've truly fallen in love with her. It's impossible to not smile back at this infectious grin and giggle.


    7. In fact, it's the way she can't control her laughing alongside co-host Philip Schofield that brightens our day each morning. Like when they had to interview a couple about their lengthy orgasms.


    8. Or when she fell into a Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness innuendo.


    "This seed was actually sown in your bedroom when you wa..."

    9. In fact, she is queen of morning innuendos. Like this comeback to Philip's mention of having a whizz around the kitchen.

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    10. The tiniest thing sets them off. Here they are trying to put "Gwyneth's tidy pantry" into a sentence and doing it as professionally as we've come to expect them to.


    11. She doesn't try to keep her cool. I mean, this is how we'd react to a pony pooing on live TV in front of us too.


    12. But she's not just a winner when it comes to entertaining us. She's also the ultimate family girl.

    13. She's also a great role model and mum to three children.

    14. And while she makes time for them with cute posts like this out of her hectic schedule...

    15. She's also relatable AF and isn't afraid to give us a glimpse into real home life, makeup free and all.

    16. She's also a girls' girl and also makes sure she has time for her girl pals.

    17. And it's refreshing to see how much she likes a night out, even when juggling work and parenthood.

    18. Even if it sometimes means being like this on live morning TV.


    19. And if that wasn't enough, she's also an absolute style guru too.

    20. It's true, she can do no wrong.

    21. Seriously, you need to follow her on Instagram for style inspiration as she posts pics like this each day.

    22. We want her entire wardrobe.

    23. And yes, she even wore this dress before Taylor Swift.

    24. But she's also responsible and is careful of adding pressure to her fans.

    25. And when guests appear on her show that she doesn't agree with, she's not afraid to answer back or open up a debate.


    26. She has a heart of gold.

    27. And is a wonderful breath of fresh air.


    👑 Thanks for being you, Holly! 👑

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