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    23 Times Helen Mirren Made You Go: "She's 70?! WTF"

    In honour of her 70th birthday today. Happy birthday, Queen!

    1. The time she had this advice for up and coming young stars.

    2. And went on the subway like a flawless queen from another universe.

    3. The time she showed off her twerking skills.

    4. Then showed it off again once she'd perfected it to beyond perfection.

    5. When she played the ACTUAL Queen on the big screen.

    6. Then met the ACTUAL Queen in real life.

    7. When she tried out on-trend pink hair and flawlessly pulled it off.

    8. In fact, whenever she's on the red carpet it's a pure joy to behold. Every. Single. Time.

    9. She even manages to fall over elegantly.

    10. And pose with her Hollywood Star perfectly.

    11. Then there was the time she randomly kissed Paul Rudd on TV.

    12. And revealed what she sounds like on helium.

    13. When she turned up to a glamorous event in stripper heels and looked utterly fabulous.

    14. When she squeezed Jessica Biel's left boob, just because she felt like it.

    She is Helen Mirren, after all.

    15. And raced the Top Gear track like a pro.

    16. She even makes cooking look fun.

    17. When she perfectly slammed ageism in Hollywood in her own awesomely Helen Mirren way.

    18. But then she's always spoken her mind when it comes to ridiculous questions.

    19. And has always ruled the universe.

    20. From the very start of time.

    21. She's forever been an angel sent down to entertain us.

    22. And enrich our lives for the better.

    23. Basically everything she ever has done or ever will do is pure perfection. And for that we are truly grateful.

    Happy 70th birthday, Helen!