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Posted on May 2, 2015

40 Times David Beckham Made Us Heavy Breathe

Because it's his 40th birthday. And that's all the excuse we need.

1. David Beckham, oh, David Beckham.

H&M / Rex / Rex USA

2. You make us the thirstiest.

3. How he is already 40, I do not know.


4. But we thank you, God, for putting him on this planet.

H&M / Rex / Rex USA

5. There was the time he stood there just in his pants looking like this.

H&M / Rex / Rex USA

6. And this time he stood in his pants.

REX / REX USA / Alasdair McLellan / H&M campaign

7. And this time.

REX / REX USA / Alasdair McLellan / H&M campaign

8. And this time.

REX / REX USA / Alasdair McLellan / H&M campaign

9. The time he stared into our souls and we imagined him in just his under pants.

H&M / Rex / Rex USA

10. What have you got under there David?

H&M / Rex / Rex USA

11. Then there was the time he took his shirt off and our eyes almost popped out.

12. Then he just stood there like so.

13. And put his shirt back on again and even that got us too excited.

14. He's just too good looking.

H&M / Rex / Rex USA

15. Too damn cute.


16. Too damn sexual.

17. Our real life Prince Charming.

18. Who runs beautifully.

19. Like in a dream.

20. Hello.

21. Hi.


23. He's the perfect dreamboat.

H&M / Rex / Rex USA

24. Delivered to make us smile.

H&M / Rex / Rex USA

25. Over


26. And over

27. And over again.

28. You spray on that aftershave David.

29. You just heavy breathe.

30. And tell us we're beautiful.

31. We can cope.

32. Shirtless magazine covers?

Elle Magazine

33. Sure.

Fabulous Magazine

34. Shirtless ice bucket challenges?

35. Absolutely.

Stephen Dunn / Getty

36. Shirtless anywhere? Fine by us.


37. Even when you tease us you're still our main man.

38. We just want to look at you.

39. And dream of you.

40. Forever.

Happy 40th birthday, David.

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