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26 Times Daniel Radcliffe Was A King Among Men

The magic is in him.

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1. The time he proved how insanely amazing at rapping he is.


(Which can be watched in full here.)

2. And then when he rapped Eminem at karaoke while his girlfriend danced along next to him.

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17. The time he claimed he could beat Elijah Wood in a fight.

18. And let Lisa Snowden use his butt as some bongos.

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20. And let Hogwarts and Westeros collide when he hung out with Game of Thrones' Arya Stark.


Oh, and Gilly from Game of Thrones and Clara Oswald from Doctor Who.

The evidence of which is here.

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26. And every single damn time he mucked about on set.

It made us love him that little bit more.

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