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25 Reasons John Boyega Is The Best Human Being Of Our Times

Because it's his 25th birthday today. HBD JB!

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It is John Boyega's 25th birthday today, March 17, 2017. And we're all pretty aware of what an awesome human being he is.

Instagram: @jboyega_



1. His attitude is always spot on, especially when he was being targeted with racism over his Star Wars role.

That laugh. That smile. <3

4. But regardless he is pretty damn adorable when it comes to his mum and dad.

Instagram: @jboyega_

5. In fact, he's just a really lovely family man. Here he is singing his heart out with them at Christmas.

Instagram: @jboyega_

6. He's funny about bagging the role with J.J. Abrams.

8. Like, seriously.

Lucasfilm /

11. And acting out their friendship.

The press tour got to BB-8 but so glad I was able to help !

12. I mean, look at his reaction to seeing the trailer for the first time.

Instagram: @jboyega_

13. He's a pro at posing with his co-stars.

Instagram: @jboyega_

16. And he just really, really, really loves being a Londoner.

He's proud of his roots and we love him for it.

Facebook: johnboyega

17. Here he is greeting an old schoolteacher.

@JohnBoyega reconnects with an old teacher! #StarWarsatSTC


19. He had this to say when he was slated for supporting International Women's Day.

Instagram: @jboyega_

20. And this when he was also targeted about celebrating Black History Month.

@theedge60 happy you can celebrate it too month with a side of ssshhh

21. He's not afraid to show how excited he can get at things like the Star Wars premiere.

Something tells us @JohnBoyega is excited to be here at #TheForceAwakens European Premiere... #FinnAwakens

22. And he also excites his fans by surprising them at screenings.

Two unsuspecting SW fans watching the trailer before the movie. Had to interrupt.

23. He's also best pals with co-star Daisy Ridley, aka Rey, and his anecdotes about their relationship are the best.

25. And because THIS is how he's celebrating his birthday this week.

Instagram: @jboyega_