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J.K. Rowling Caused Chaos Because She's Having Her Bush Trimmed And The Internet Can't Handle It

Hairy Potter and the Danger of Tree Cuts. Lololol.

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And the headline alone sent the internet into meltdown.

Who'd have thought that the state of @jk_rowling's bush would cause such a media frenzy...

I hear it's taken three days to trim JK Rowlings bush. Must be getting through lady shaves like there's no tomorrow.... #JKRowling

JK Rowling's impressive bush causing some reaction in Edinburgh. #juveniletweet


As a mature nation we took the news very seriously.

Bloody hell, JK Rowling needs temporary lights to have her bush trimmed

Travel Agent: hey jk what's the hold up? Jk Rowling: Sorry, gotta trim the bush .......

@DouglasDaniel I give up, the news reporting JK Rowling's trim bush is just too much. Come on ladies end this madness. #Bringbackthebush

Okay, it's not just me that is sniggering over the story of JK Rowling's bush.


Some just had to repeat the statement.

JK Rowling's trimmed her bush

Stop the press! JK Rowling's bush is being trimmed.

Others decided to tweet at J.K. Rowling to inform her about her bush being trimmed.

@jk_rowling Good to see you're finally getting your bush trimmed.

@jk_rowling it seems your bush is causing all sorts of bother 😳


I suspect @jk_rowling never thought trimming her bush would cause such fuss, mind you that is one heck of a bush you have :)

Others just found it pretty damn hilarious.

Surely all #JKRowling had to do to have her bush trimmed was to use the tried and trusted spell #depilatearsuscrackus

JK Rowling causes four days of travel chaos whilst her bush is trimmed There's a joke there somewhere !

Harry Potter and the prisoners of the traffic jam hahahahaha


@camillalong Oh look! It takes three men to keep JK Rowling's bush neat and tidy.

And simply loved the news.

Thanks to @Channel103News for reporting the difficulties JK Rowling is having getting her bush trimmed.....

Who'd have thought cutting J K Rowling's bush would cause such a fuss?

Just read that JK Rowling has spent the last three days having her bush trimmed.... A tad hirsute methinks....


"JK Rowling causes chaos as she gets her bush trimmed" I do so love a good tabloid headline

@DailyMailUK So. Queues where Jk Rowling is having her bush trimmed. Understandable really.

But some have already had enough.

If you want to research people with no sense of humour, search for 'JK Rowling bush trimming.' People actually find it funny again and again