Goldie Hawn And Amy Schumer Took The BuzzFeed BFF Test

    And things got cheeky pretty quickly.

    It's been 15 long years since we've had the pleasure of seeing acting legend Goldie Hawn in a movie, so it's no surprise that she's returned to her roots by appearing in a comedy. And there's no better person for her to have teamed up with than fellow funny lady Amy Schumer. In Snatched the pair play a perfectly matched mother and daughter who end up on a ridiculous adventure where, quite literally, everything goes wrong when they get kidnapped. So when we got the chance to sit down with the pair to talk all about the movie recently, we decided to test them on their new-found friendship and see how well they really know each other.

    It was of course as cute and hilarious as you'd expect. Here's what went down...

    What was Amy’s first thought when she saw Goldie on set on the first day?

    Amy's answer: I'm in a movie with Goldie Hawn!!

    Goldie's answer: I'm so happy we are doing this together.

    Goldie: That was close!

    Amy: That was pretty close, same sentiment.

    If Amy were an animal, what would she be?

    Amy's answer: Little piggy.

    Goldie's answer: Bunny rabbit.

    Amy: You really knew that pretty quick.

    Goldie: I did.

    Amy: I'm going to be a little piggy.

    Goldie: [bursts out laughing] Bunny rabbit.

    Amy: [looks at Goldie's answer and nods] That is my vibrator.

    Goldie: Is that your vibrator? OK. Next...

    What is Goldie most likely doing when she's on set in between scenes?

    Amy's answer: Meditating.

    Goldie's answer: Stretching.

    Amy: [looks at Goldie's answer then realises she's got it wrong] I said meditating.

    Goldie: Stretching.

    Amy: I mean, it's close. It's a wellness thing... It's a wellness thing.

    Goldie: [agrees] It's close.

    What is Goldie's biggest pet peeve?

    Amy's answer: Injustice.

    Goldie's answer: Not enough green juice.

    Goldie: Not enough green juice.

    Amy: [laughs] I said injustice!

    [both laugh a lot]

    Goldie: Oh my god. That's right though.

    Amy: But also...where's the green juice?!

    Who is most likely to get into a situation like in Snatched in real life?

    Amy's answer: Goldie.

    Goldie's answer: Goldie.

    Goldie: [looks at Amy] No?

    Amy: [nods] Yeah. Goldie. [both laugh] Because she'd be like, "OK, I'll go! I'll get in that unmarked van."

    What country would Amy most like to travel to?

    Amy's answer: Iceland.

    Goldie's answer: Iceland.

    Amy: Wait. Is Toronto a country? [bursts out laughing] Just kidding.

    Goldie: This is really hard.

    Amy: Can I give a hint?

    BuzzFeed: Oh, OK then.

    Amy: [turns to Goldie] We want to go there.

    Goldie: [realises what she means] Ahhhhh. You know, I was up there on my mind. I didn't go that far. It's really weird. [writes down new answer]

    Both reveal "Iceland" as their answer.

    Goldie: We want to sleep in an ice hotel!

    Amy: Can we have an igloo?!

    Goldie: And we want to see the aurora borealis [aka northern lights].

    Amy: Got to see it.

    Goldie: And we want to hike.

    Amy: Can we hike?!

    Goldie: Yeah.

    What cocktail is Goldie’s favourite?

    Amy's answer: Vodka.

    Goldie's answer: Cosmo.

    Amy: [looks at Goldie's answer] OK, I said vodka but there is vodka in Cosmo.

    Goldie: Yeah, a Cosmopolitan.

    Amy: Basically vodka with some sort of colouring in it.

    Goldie: Yeah, just a little light colouring. It's what I like.

    Amy: It's pretty close. Just vodka. [chuckles]

    What would Amy’s high school superlative be?

    Amy's answer: Class clown.

    Goldie's answer: Unpredictable.

    Goldie: Unpredictable.

    Amy: Most unpredictable? [laughs] I put class clown, that's pretty unpredictable, right?

    And vice versa... What would Goldie's high school superlative be?

    Amy's answer: Most likely to make everyone happy and best smile.

    Goldie's answer: Quiet wallflower.

    Amy: Oh, can I just have your [piece of paper] that says unpredictable?

    Goldie: It's hard to figure out for me because I was pretty... [writes answer down]

    Amy: [looks at Goldie's answer and looks shocked] What? Really?!

    Goldie: Yeah. Quiet and a wallflower.

    Amy: I said most likely to make everyone happy and also best smile. You were a wallflower in high school??

    Goldie: Yeah.

    Amy: Wow.

    Goldie: I was in the plays and stuff but I was like that. I was what my mother called me a late bloomer.

    Amy: She sounded like a lovely woman. [both laugh]

    Goldie: She made me feel better!

    What would Amy say is the funniest thing that happened while filming Snatched?

    Amy's answer: Tapeworm and Meloni swinging on a vine.

    Goldie's answer: At Chris Meloni...

    Goldie: I'm having difficulty.

    Amy: I was thinking of when we probably laughed the most.

    Goldie: OK, you can't read this [writing].

    Amy: No, I can, and it's totally one of my answers! I said these two [scenes]... Meloni swinging on the vine... Chris Meloni, it was so funny. And then I also said the tapeworm.

    Goldie: [nods in agreement] And the tapeworm. We laughed a lot doing that.

    What's Goldie's favourite food to snack on on-set?

    Amy's answer: Green juice or whatever I'm eating.

    Goldie's answer: Almond butter crackers.

    Amy: I put "green juice or whatever I'm eating" because she'll eat my food.

    Goldie: [laughs] I said "almond butter and crackers", so that's what you used to eat but...

    Amy: Yeah, I would get that and then she would [eat it].

    What is Goldie’s secret talent?

    Amy's answer: Ask Kurt [Russell, her partner of 34 years]. (But also elephant rider, home designer, dancer, singer.)

    Goldie's answer: Listening.

    Goldie: Mine's kind of stupid come to think of it.

    Amy: [looks at Goldie's answer] Well, people wouldn't know that.

    [both turn their answers around]

    Amy: She's a good listener but also she's an elephant rider, a home designer, a dancer and a singer. But I said ask Kurt. If you want the real answer. [smiles cheekily]

    Goldie: [bursts out laughing] That's good.

    What’s Amy’s secret talent?

    Amy's answer: Give a killer Bloj.

    Goldie's answer: Truth.

    Goldie: Truth.

    Amy: Hmm, I said I give a killer Bloj.

    [Goldie laughs]

    Amy: [smiles at the camera] No I don't. That's better... Truth. Yeah, truth is better.

    What is Amy’s favourite Goldie Hawn movie?

    Amy's answer: Overboard.

    Goldie's answer: Overboard.

    Amy: Overboard...and Snatched!

    Goldie: And Snatched!

    Thank you for playing along, lovely ladies!

    Snatched is out in the US now and will be released in the UK on Friday 19 May! Go watch it.