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    Here's David Beckham Casually Catching A Stray Tennis Ball At Wimbledon

    Coolest man on the planet right here.

    David Beckham has been getting a lot of attention at Wimbledon this week. Firstly by taking son Romeo with him on Wednesday.

    Dominic Lipinski / PA WIRE

    Then proving he's also the best son imaginable by taking his mother to sit in the Royal Box on Thursday.

    But then this happened.

    BBC / Via

    He just casually caught a stray ball that went flying at him during a doubles match like it was the easiest thing in the world.

    And he topped it off by playing it cool with a cheeky eyebrow raise.

    BBC / Via

    Before acting coy when he knew the camera was on him.

    BBC / Via

    Bravo Beckham, truly bravo.

    Mike Egerton / PA WIRE

    Watch the classic moment in full here.

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