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    David Beckham And Henry Cavill Are Best Friends Now, Everyone Remember To Breathe

    Superman and Golden Balls unite.

    David Beckham: An incredibly fine specimen of a man.


    Henry Cavill: An equally damn fine specimen of a man.

    What could possibly be better?

    The pair uniting and becoming best friends, of course.

    That's exactly what happened over the weekend as they both attended Guy Ritchie's wedding. And now we have all of these glorious photos of them together.

    Including this one, with possibly the most perfect caption ever. "Myself and superman aka Henry feeling like we are being told off by our dad... And if you look closely I believe superman looks a little more scared than the underwear model πŸ˜€"

    Literal LOL.

    Our new favourite BFFs. πŸ™Œ

    Now to get an invite to their next gathering...

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