31 GIFs Of Hot Guys Cuddling Puppies To Make You Smile

Instant joy. This’ll cheer you up.

1. First you’ve got Ian Somerhalder.

2. Who is just too cute for words.

4. Then there’s this male model.


6. This male model again.

7. Are you feeling better yet?

8. If not, One Direction should help.

9. Louis Tomlinson and puppies = too much.

10. But then there’s Liam Payne.

11. And Zayn Malik.

12. AND even Harry.

14. This one of Adam Levine will do the trick.

15. If not this one definitely will.

19. We had to include him again.

20. There’s this one of Channing Tatum nuzzling away.

21. And copying him eating. Sigh.

22. Ryan Gosling dancing with a dog all tattooed and tasty.

23. And the Game Of Thrones guys.

24. Can’t handle it.

25. Too much.


29. And Will Graham towel drying away.

30. They all equal happiness.

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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