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    Just 34 Pictures Of Jason Momoa Having An Absolute Guinness-Gasm

    Find someone that looks at you like Jason Momoa looks at Guinness.

    1. Jason Momoa doesn't just like Guinness.

    2. He really fucking loves it.

    3. This is his daily mantra.

    4. And these are his diet principles.

    5. You rarely see him without a pint of it in his hand.

    6. He has Guinness tops.

    7. And his very own Guinness pump at home.

    8. Which he likes to pose with.

    9. He even has his own engraved glass.

    11. And a damn Christmas bauble.

    12. He can't get enough of it.

    14. Look how ecstatically happy he is while making it.

    15. And pouring it.

    16. And drinking it.

    18. Here he is with the Game of Thrones makers doing what he does best.

    19. The happiness it brings is infectious.

    20. In fact, he just loves dunking his entire face into a glass.

    21. You could call it his ~thing~.

    22. He likes to have it with friends.

    23. All over the world.

    24. Whether with his wife.

    27. Even the High Sparrow.

    28. He just has it wherever he goes.

    29. While playing board games.

    30. And listening to Bob Marley.

    31. There is always an occasion for a good pint of Guinness.

    32. He's pretty in love with his favourite drink.

    33. But it does suit him pretty damn well.

    34. Cheers to you, Jason.

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