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    The "Love Actually" Octopus Boy Makes Us Feel Kind Of Old Now Actually

    Also, it turns out he's Kathy Burke's godson!

    Anyone who's watched Love Actually (who hasn't tbh) must remember Octopus Boy.

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    You know, Natalie's younger brother who was stuck in the middle when the Prime Minister and Natalie decided to open up about their feelings at the back of a car.

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    As you do.

    Well, it turns out this is what he looks like now.

    Want to feel old? Here's what octopus boy aka my godson, Bill looks like now. ❤️️😎❤️️ #loveactually

    Feeling old yet?

    Comedian Kathy Burke shared the picture, revealing that Billy Campbell, the boy who will forever be remembered as Octopus Boy, is in fact her godson.

    And Emma Freud, partner of Love Actually director Richard Curtis, was equally stunned when she saw the picture, as she then shared the image on her own Instagram account.

    We wonder if he still has that octopus costume...

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