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Here's All The Main Things That Happened At Glastonbury 2015

All the highlights, from Lionel Richie-mania to Kanye West calling himself the "greatest living rock star on the planet".

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There was the inevitable pre-Glastonbury weather panic.

Let's hope the rain at *6pm* is just one single drop like it is in the diagram... #Glastonbury #MudAlert 😅

But it didn't deter 177,000 people from cramming into Worthy Farm to let their hair down.

Oli Scarff / AFP / Getty Images

And they lucked out. It was GLORIOUS.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

These people took full advantage of the stunning sunsets.

What mud? What rain?


Yui Mok / PA WIRE

Never mind.

Ben Birchall / PA WIRE

There were of course plenty of smug people enjoying watching it from home instead.

Having Glastonbury at home with the loo....couch.....heaven 😊😊😊

Thoroughly enjoying watching Glastonbury right now. From the comfort of my sofa. With a Chinese takeaway. 👌

Until this happened.


Meanwhile, on site The Libertines played a surprise set on the Friday night. Some people were confused as to why they were sharing one microphone.

I wonder if the Libertines would get on better if they each had their own microphone. #Glasto #bbcglasto

Pete Doherty dedicated a song to his late friend Alan Wass.

And Mark Ronson provided one of the most poignant moments of the festival by dedicating "Valerie" to Amy Winehouse.

Another highlight was this breakdancing girl, who stole the show during Jungle's Friday afternoon set.

But the real winner of the weekend was Lionel Richie. First he won the merchandise game.

Lionel Richie's already won the Glastonbury merchandise game

Then the flag and sign game.

Yui Mok / PA WIRE
Yui Mok / PA WIRE


Guy Bell / Guy Bell/REX Shutterstock

Although the security guards performing a flashmob to "Dancing on the Ceiling" almost stole the show.

Tune!! Especially loving the moves that the security guards?! #LionelRichie #legend #bbcglasto #Glasto2015

The fashion was on point as ever.

Lnp / LNP/REX Shutterstock

As were all the other flags on display.

The best flag ever at Glastonbury..@garylineker

Even the Dalai Lama showed up.

He delivered a speech in the festival’s Peace Garden.
Jim Ross / AP

He delivered a speech in the festival’s Peace Garden.

And the crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to him to mark his 80th next week.


As for the other acts, Florence Welch discovered her doppelgänger in the crowd.

Florence has found her doppelganger in the crowd... #BBCGlasto

And ran around the stage in her bra like a true queen.


Nick Grimshaw and Daisy Lowe LOVED it.


As per usual there were a gazillion celebrity attendees.

Ben Birchall / PA WIRE

Left to right: Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, Maisie Williams (aka Game of Thrones' Arya Stark), and Bradley Cooper.

Including Kim Kardashian, who showed up wearing stilettos. Adam Gray / Adam Adam Gray / Adam

And Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne, who looked like they were having the best time.

Yui Mok / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Music-wise, Mary J. Blige teamed up with Grandmaster Flash.

As did Mark Ronson with Boy George.

Then it was time for Kanye West.

This guy couldn't wait.

Samir Hussein / Getty Images

He almost immediately got Kanye'd himself when a guy decided to storm the stage a few songs in.

Then it was back to business. Adam Gray /

Especially for the BBC subtitle team, who had fun with Kanye's lyrics.

Meanwhile at #Glastonbury the subtitle department of the BBC have called it a day.

Go home @BBC subtitles man, you're drunk! #Kanye #Glasto2015 #liger

Add some comedy to the Kanye performance by putting the subtitles on! #Glasto15

He briefly forgot the words to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Then declared himself the "greatest living rock star on the planet" and shouted it repeatedly. Adam Gray /

when kanye calls himself the biggest rockstar in the world

We're not entirely sure The Who agreed when they headlined the following night.

Brilliant from Pete Townshend! Who is the biggest rock star in the world @kanyewest? #bbcglasto

So many people got the biggest rock star on the planet's name wrong, "Kayne" started trending.

And we proved just how British we can be when everyone started worrying about Kanye's safety as he climbed in a cherry picker above the crowds.

And then it was all over for another year.

Adam Gray / SWNS

You rock, Glastonbury.