Everyone Is Pretty Horrified By The New Prince William Royal Portrait

“I can honestly say that I’ve shat better portraits.”

1. Yesterday, this new royal portrait of Prince William was unveiled by artist Dan Llywelyn Hall.


The painting is called ‘Fatherhood’ and is said to depict his role as a father to Prince George.

2. But it seems the internet has quite a lot of emotions about it.

5. Many were quite simply horrified at what they saw.

@fatbrenda it's bloody awful

— Cat Ginty (@Catginty)

Prince William portrait by Dan Llywelyn Hall - seriously awful. Who's royal idea was this?

— Dylan (@dylanlyn)

The new royal portrait of Prince William is a bit shit http://t.co/Od3t4UDujR

— Billy Bullshine (@BullshineBilly)

9. Some had a lot to complain about.

@DailyMailUK @MailOnline How is an awful painting (that we've paid for & will be seen by few) good value to us? (the taxpayer)

— Chris Bates (@bigcentrehalf)

@monique_muise @britishroyals Without any risk of hyperbole, I can honestly say that I've shat better portraits of Prince William.

— Bad Legal LLP (@BadLegalLLP)

Too much hair on the heir to the heir http://t.co/aMUDb8dkbE via @MailOnline

— Bloops (@royalbloopers)

12. And even if you don’t understand French, I think we all know what this one’s trying to say.

Tout le monde déteste le #portrait royal du Prince William (#affreux) http://t.co/JdFaDiFKXK

— Grazia France (@grazia_fr)

13. But others used it as an opportunity to look back at other controversial royal portraits.

#LOL Hoorah – #Prince #William has a new portrait http://t.co/Jfm8y1imNJ

— GoldenCouple (@TRH_WandC)

New portrait of Prince William by 'artist' who did one of Queen last year. Both dreadful. Orf with his head!!!

— truly scrumptious (@trulyscrump1979)

16. And it seems some even feel the need to confirm who the portrait is actually of.

Worst. Portrait. Ever. (It's Prince William by the way).

— Christian Adams (@Adamstoon1)

17. Others made very poignant observations.

@KimberleyDadds He looks like he's smelt something bad

— Alex Finnis (@AlexFinnis)

@monique_muise @britishroyals Looks like he's suffering from bad sunburn!

— CanadianQgirl (@Democracy4Can)

@BBCWalesNews It looks like it was done by a school kid who doesn't like art

— Jinx Powell Tippins (@Jinxy5Bellies)

20. But this was by far the best observation of them all.

Does Prince William's new royal portrait remind you of anyone..?

— Fat Brenda (@fatbrenda)

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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