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    Luna Lovegood Is Having A Meltdown Over Her Pottermore Patronus

    "Why oh why is my Patronus a SALMON?! I think I'd be so embarrassed by my salmon I wouldn't even want dementors to see it."

    Something very, very exciting happened yesterday. Pottermore, the online hub for info about J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world, FINALLY released the Patronus quiz.

    Obviously loads of people were over the moon with it.

    the patronus quiz is so damn beautiful

    yeeeeees i really wanted a feline patronus im so happy with this ;u;

    But not everybody was. Some were pretty pissed tbh.

    Don't talk to me about nobility or tenaciousness or Ron's wonderful family - my life is OVER

    My patronus is a rat. Not even pizza rat. Just a regular, dirty, sewage rat.

    Boss: "Hey. I need you to put some pants on. Big time." Me: "MY PATRONUS IS A FUCKING AARDVARK, KAREN. WHAT'S THE P…

    Including Evanna Lynch, aka Luna Lovegood as if you didn't know.

    In Harry Potter Luna's Patronus is actually a hare. But Evanna wanted to take the Pottermore test to see what she would get.


    I don't geddit @pottermore...all of my happiest memories are spent in the presence of cats. Why oh why is my Patronus a SALMON?!😟😑 #Patronus

    And she was clearly very unhappy about it.

    My sad lil salmon would make me cry &feel bad things & doesn't that defeat the whole point of a patronus?! WHERE IS MY FIERCE LION PATRONUS

    Like, really unhappy.

    I think I'd be so embarrassed by my salmon I wouldn't even want dementors to see it so no Patronus for Evy, ok. Goodnight. #PatronusCrisus 😓

    Fans even tried to make her feel better about the result.

    Mmkay, feeling somewhat redeemed. 🐟🤔

    And she tried to cheer up the rest of her salmon folk.

    For all my sad salmon brothers and sisters. #PatronusCrisus

    Of which there are MANY.

    Everyone is upset they didn't get a hippogriff or a thestral as their patronus but at least you didn't get a SALMON…

    my patronus is a salmon. the dementors can have me I am never casting that geez

    I got a salmon. My patronus is a SALMON. You all get cool cats and stags. I get something that poaches great with dill and lemon slices.

    if you're having a bad day just remember some people got a salmon as their patronus