Ellen Page Has Been Renaming Her Fans’ Dogs On Twitter

And we love her for it.

1. Ellen Page made this confession on her Twitter page last night.

3. So her fans of course jumped on it and started sending in pictures of their own dogs for her to rename.

4. Like this pooch, now known as Curtis.

5. And this one, who was renamed after a famous singer.

7. Although this one was inspired by vegetables.

“@_PaulinaSR_: @EllenPage rename mine? ” carrots

— Ellen Page (@EllenPage)

8. While this music loving dog will forever more be known as Todd.

“@Driu_: @EllenPage rename my dog ” Todd

— Ellen Page (@EllenPage)

9. But this one might not be a fan of Cork Tree.

“@TimothyHart2: @EllenPage Rename this little pup of mine. He's 4 lbs and very soft. ” okay one more.... Cork tree

— Ellen Page (@EllenPage)

10. Ellen renamed this sleepy pooch Thora.

“@_charlestrippy: @EllenPage wanna rename mine??? ” thora

— Ellen Page (@EllenPage)

11. And she even joked when fans complained about the game.

“@steveagee: @EllenPage why would you do that? those dogs spend years learning their names” relax Greg

— Ellen Page (@EllenPage)

12. Before going off tangent and multi-tasking with cat names.

“@ReannaGoomez: @EllenPage rename my cat ” Lawrence

— Ellen Page (@EllenPage)

14. Then continued as she was but with slightly odder names.

“@RodrigoJuarez_: @EllenPage how about mine? ” teacup

— Ellen Page (@EllenPage)

“@wholock_bluebox: @EllenPage do mine too ” nibs

— Ellen Page (@EllenPage)

16. This one reminded her of Freddie Prinze, Jr.

“@turnerebecca: @EllenPage rename my dog? :) ” Freddie prince junior

— Ellen Page (@EllenPage)

17. And this fan got all three of her dogs renamed.

“@harej: @EllenPage what should these dogs be named? ” Craig, jimmy and Tilley

— Ellen Page (@EllenPage)

18. While this cutie has had his name changed to Jordan.

“@ofmiceandgranta: @EllenPage rename my dog ” Jordan

— Ellen Page (@EllenPage)

19. But it soon got too popular and she needed a dog naming rest.

Guys, this is super fun but I gotta sleep now. Thanks for sending pics of your dogs and letting me rename them. x

— Ellen Page (@EllenPage)

20. Good game Ellen, good game.

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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