Destiny's Child And *NSYNC Are To Appear In "Jesus Christ Superstar" Together

    W The actual F?!

    The new cast line-up for the north American leg of the Jesus Christ Superstar tour has just been announced. And it is SO, SO GOOD!

    Not only have they signed up Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child as Mary Magdalene.

    But she's being joined by JC Chasez from *NSYNC as Pontius Pilate. WTF?!

    But that's not all. Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten will be playing King Herod.

    And Brandon Boyd from Incubus will be Judas Iscariot.

    The announcement was of course met with a lot of excitement online.

    Bloody hell. The Jesus Christ Superstar US cast. I can only sit slack-jawed & applaud... (via @mrjamieeast)

    most mental yet amazing cast EVER?

    BRANDON BOYD OMG!!! Michelle Williams & Brandon Boyd - Jesus Christ Superstar - GMA 4-4-14

    Well, fuck. Johnny Rotten is doing Jesus Christ Superstar.

    Most Curiously Wonderful Musical Cast? - Jesus Christ Superstar US Tour

    Now where can we get a ticket?!

    There will be over 50 dates across the US this summer, starting on 9 June in New Orleans and ending on 17 August in Philadelphia.

    Tickets go on sale on 11 April from