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Here's Just Another Example Of David Beckham Being The King Of Dadding

He spent SIX days building Harper a Disney castle out of 4,000 pieces of Lego!

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We all know by now that David Beckham is the most doting celebrity father around.

Instagram: @davidbeckham

But particularly when it comes to the youngest of his offspring, and only daughter, Harper.

Instagram: @davidbeckham


Well, this week he's really stepped up his dad duties. Six days ago he took on the task of building Harper a Disney castle out of Lego. All by himself. And just because he was excited to do so.

Instagram: @davidbeckham

The caption itself was pretty damn cute.

And last night he FINALLY completed the task...after staying up until 1am to complete it ready to surprise Harper when she woke up.

Instagram: @davidbeckham

I think we can all agree the result is impressive. And not just because he decided to pose in front of it shirtless and with new hair.