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20 Things We Learned During Daniel Radcliffe's Reddit AMA

Something about Elijah Wood and ducks.

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Daniel Radcliffe held a Reddit AMA last night. And he was of course as glorious as you'd expect.

1. We learned very important facts about him. Like that he wants to dress up as a Star Wars character for Halloween.

2. And that he prefers to be called Dan over Daniel or Danny.

Consider it done...

3. He also confessed to being Team Dog.

I mean, obviously.


4. And that he's a Jamie T fan.

5. But other important revelations were made, like his favourite sandwiches.

6. While we're glad this one's cleared up.

7. He also revealed the biggest prank that was ever pulled on him during filming for Harry Potter. Good work, Alan Rickman.

Here's the proof, fyi.

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8. Radcliffe also revealed he has an excellent sense of humour after being faced with this meme.


9. In fact, he was pretty humorous throughout.

10. The actor revealed he learned to play bass guitar when he was 14 – with the help of Gary Oldman.

11. And this would be his dream dinner party line-up.

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12. He even got asked a Harry Potter question he'd never been given before.

13. But he's probably been faced with this one several times.

14. He also admitted he isn't a Doctor Who fan.

15. Or Game of Thrones (?!)


16. Although he does love wolves.

17. And the biggest chuckle came when he revealed just how much he gets mistaken for fellow actor Elijah Wood.

18. But he doesn't seem to mind.

19. In fact, he even wants to star in a film with him.

20. But this, this is just weird.