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    BuzzFeed Readers' Awkward Problems, Solved By Daniel Radcliffe

    BuzzFeed got him to be our resident agony aunt for the day. Everything from school problems to affairs, coming out, and make-up issues. He's got it covered.

    So, you know when you have some problems and confessions? You need to offload, get some ~advice~. Who better to ask than Daniel Radcliffe?

    We met up with the star to promote his new movie, Horns, in which he plays a devil incarnate whom everyone confesses to. So we gave him your problems and asked for his advice. Welcome to Dan Radcliffe, the BuzzFeed agony uncle...

    And it turns out he's rather good at solving personal issues. Here are some snippets. (Scroll down for the full video.)


    "Ignore your terrible friends." Bravo.


    "I'd quite like to think that it wouldn't take too much. You know, is he house-trained?! If you like him then it will be fine."


    "Can I swear on BuzzFeed?" Err... YES.

    "That's a dick move." Great reaction.


    "Is there no way of doing both? I mean, I don't want to go against your parents. But you are talking to someone who dropped out of school when they were 17."


    "I definitely think you should wait. It's three months!" He's a natural...


    "Skype, the joys of Skype... And be thankful that you're not living in, like, the 1900s." Frank but true.


    "WOAH! Hello... Might be too late not to hurt anyone. I hate to tell ya..."


    "Okay dude. I'm very sorry, this is not a question for me. I don't know your parents... I would say in the long run this is something they should know about."

    "And they're your parents, they'll love you. Don't worry. I hope that goes well for you." Reason 967,894,320 to love him.


    "I knew a girl who used to wear loads and loads of make-up and she was already very pretty. And the minute she stopped wearing all that make-up she became twice as beautiful."


    "I can't speak for all men, but I think guys like it when girls approach them. So yeah... Don't wait around." Go get 'em.

    Bravo, Daniel. And yes, you should...

    "How was that? I should get my own agony aunt column... or uncle."

    Watch BuzzFeed's video in full here.

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    Daniel Radcliffe's new movie, Horns, is out now.