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BuzzFeed Readers' Awkward Problems, Solved By Daniel Radcliffe

BuzzFeed got him to be our resident agony aunt for the day. Everything from school problems to affairs, coming out, and make-up issues. He's got it covered.

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So, you know when you have some problems and confessions? You need to offload, get some ~advice~. Who better to ask than Daniel Radcliffe?

We met up with the star to promote his new movie, Horns, in which he plays a devil incarnate whom everyone confesses to. So we gave him your problems and asked for his advice. Welcome to Dan Radcliffe, the BuzzFeed agony uncle...


And it turns out he's rather good at solving personal issues. Here are some snippets. (Scroll down for the full video.)

"Ignore your terrible friends." Bravo.


"That's a dick move." Great reaction.


"I definitely think you should wait. It's three months!" He's a natural...


Watch BuzzFeed's video in full here.

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Daniel Radcliffe's new movie, Horns, is out now.


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