The 26 Most Terrifying Benedict Cumberbatch Fans


1. Benedict Cumberbatch fans are the craziest.

2. They’re their own breed of super obsessives.

3. They get tattoos of his face.

4. And make colouring books dedicated to him.

5. They let their imaginations run wild about trysts with him.

6. In fact, they write lengthy erotic fan fiction about exactly what they’d do with him.

7. And take it a step even further with fantasies of him fathering their children.

8. A lot.

Yes I'm obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch and want to have his babies

— aisling (@balletIock)

9. Cumberbitches collect and sell paper cuttings of him.

10. Even breaking the law won’t stop them.

The most in-demand magazine ever?

11. There’s no end to their fangirling.

12. They spend hours staring at photos of him.

13. And they don’t care what you think about it.

14. In fact, any fantasy goes. Including “cheek bone polishing parties” with Tom Hiddleston and Matt Smith.

15. Which quite frankly broke the internet.

16. They want to be his cigar.

life is short and benedict cumberbatch is hot Yes yes yes, I Love you Baby ;-D To be that cigar, I want to be it

— SHEZLOCK (@nicole5castle)

17. And can’t quite handle it when they *shock* touch him.

A lucky fan spontaneously meeting #BenedictCumberbatch! Wouldn't we all love this! @ram_ish

— Hannah (Sherlock) (@hmmSHERLOCK)

18. They spend their spare time making GIFs of him.


20. And when they’re not doing that they’re creating fan art of him.

21. And really let their imaginations run wild.

22. Or they dedicate important time to adding kittens into pictures instead.

23. Even Ted Danson can’t handle it.

24. They even obsess over this teenage Benedict lookalike.

In fact, he’s got quite the following from the Cumberbitches.

Who spam all of his pictures with comments like these.

25. Cumberbunnies, don’t ever change.

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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