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    Your Favourite Seventy-Something Celebs Back In Their 20s And 30s

    Beautiful at every decade.

    1. Joanna Lumley

    We know her as being Absolutely Fabulous today. But in 1966, when she was 20, Joanna was a model.

    2. Ian McKellen

    Destined for an amazing career and Patrick Stewart as his best friend, here's Ian McKellen in his 30s back in 1978.

    3. Helen Mirren

    Helen Mirren was 22 in the picture on the left. And she's just as stunning at 72.


    4. Charles Dance

    Here's Tywin Lannister back in 1984.

    5. Diana Rigg

    Another Game of Thrones alumni, here's Diana, aka Olenna Tyrell, in the television series The Avengers in 1964, aged 26.

    6. George Takei

    In Star Trek, of course.

    7. Goldie Hawn

    Here's Goldie at the age of 23 in 1968 and now. Be-a-utiful!

    8. Barbra Streisand

    The Funny Girl actress is pictured at the age of 23 in 1965.

    9. Patrick Stewart

    Yes, Patrick Stewart did used to have hair. Here he is in his early 30s in I, Claudius in 1976.

    Here's a bonus picture of him a couple of months after his 30th birthday complete with cute dog.

    10. Gladys Knight

    She hasn't changed one bit! Still got that killer smile.

    11. Michael Caine

    He developed his signature look early on.

    12. Brenda Blethyn

    Brenda at 31 vs 70.

    13. Jonathan Pryce

    Jonathan Pryce, aka Game of Thrones' High Sparrow, will be 70 later this year. He was in his 30s on the left.

    14. Jane Fonda

    A beautiful profile in the 1960s and now.

    15. Michael Douglas

    Michael is currently 72, but here's how he looked at 25.

    16. Vanessa Redgrave

    Vanessa Redgrave will actually be 80 this weekend. Here she is in 1962 at the age of 25.

    17. Morgan Freeman

    Morgan will also be 80 later this year. But here he is in 1971.

    18. Dustin Hoffman

    Here's Dustin a month after his 30th birthday!

    19. Harrison Ford

    Harrison was in his mid 30s when he played legendary Han Solo for the first time.

    20. Tina Turner

    Tina will be 78 later this year, can you believe it?! Here she is looking slick in another trouser suit at the age of 29.

    21. Robert De Niro

    De Niro was in his early 30s in Taxi Driver in 1976.

    22. Al Pacino

    Same hand gestures, different decade.

    23. John Cleese

    24. Debbie Harry

    An icon then, an even bigger icon now. Same pout, too.

    25. Henry Winkler

    He'll always be The Fonz to us.

    26. Diane Keaton

    Diane was 28 when she appeared in The Godfather: Part 2 in 1974. She is 71 now.

    27. Cher

    She was just a baby not long before her 20th birthday here.

    28. Sylvester Stallone

    Sly Stallone turned 70 last year.

    29. Dolly Parton

    On the left at 31, on the right at 71.