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    Celebrities From David Beckham To Beyoncé Post Moving Tributes To Support Paris Victims

    Our thoughts are with you all... PrayForParis.

    More than 120 people were killed in different locations in Paris on Friday in a series of terror attacks.

    People from around the world have rallied around France to offer their support.

    And numerous celebrities have also taken to social media to share their own tributes.

    Everyone from Beyoncé to Taylor Swift left messages of support.

    My prayers are with the people in Paris tonight. I pray for your safety and for your comfort.

    Some offered prayers for their healing.

    Solace, Solidarity, Peace, Love and Healing for Paris.

    I'm appalled by the shocking scenes in Paris at the moment. My thoughts are with all the victims and innocent people suffering right now.

    #Prayers4Paris sending prayers and love for our dear friends in Paris.

    Such horrific things happening in the world. My heart is with everyone in Paris. 🇫🇷

    And many have simply used this image of the Eiffel Tower in the traditional peace sign – originally by Jean Jullien – that has spread online since the attacks happened.

    The Jenners and Kardashians shared their thoughts.

    My heart breaks. Please pray for Paris tonight. #prayforparis 🙏🏼🇫🇷

    #PrayForLebanon #PrayForBaghdad #PrayForJapan #PrayForParis #PrayForMexico

    And mainly they all shared their hopes for future peace.

    Tearful watching the news of what's happening in Paris. There is such evil in this world.

    My heart and thoughts and prayers are with all the family and friends of the victims and all the people in Paris tonight xxxx

    I'm thinking about the people of Paris tonight.

    As I get ready for my game I can't help but to think of the tragedy in Paris! My God what's up with people. Prayers sent to all the familes!

    What is wrong with people?! #PrayForParis

    Guys, it's time to #PrayForParis right now.

    Jared Leto even changed his profile picture to a French flag on all of his social media accounts.

    Paris we are with you #ViveLaFrance 🇫🇷

    And Justin Bieber stopped a concert to pray for the victims.

    Justin stopped the show to #PrayForParis with his beliebers Thank you @justinbieber

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