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    Cara Delevingne's Tattoo Collection Keeps On Growing

    The girl just loves getting inked.

    Cara Delevingne has added yet another tattoo to her collection.

    This time it's the word "silence" on her wrist.

    ❤ Silence speaks when words can't @bangbang

    Cara Delevingne


    ❤ Silence speaks when words can't @bangbang

    / Via

    Which seems ironic as she's hardly quiet herself.

    Earlier this week she also showcased roman numerals on her rib cage while modelling in New York.

    Ray Tamarra / Getty Images

    She unveiled her first tattoo five months ago.

    It was shortly followed by her initials.

    And then this.

    Before adding a Southern Cross on her ear.

    Cara Delevingne / Instagram

    And her mother's name "Pandora" on her left arm.

    In fact, she likes tattoos so much she's even started doing them herself.

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