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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Drooling?

We challenge you. Also, a little NSFW you guys.

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1. How does this GIF of Bradley Cooper topless and sweetly smiling make you feel?

2. How about this one of Tom Hardy winking at you?

3. Adam Levine playing coy behind his cardigan?

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt being a cutie?

5. Okay then, how about David Beckham softly breathing?

6. And telling you you're beautiful?

7. Here's Kellan Lutz just being hot.

8. Are you drooling yet?

9. Here's Idris Elba flirting with you.

10. And smiling sweetly.

11. How about playful naked Brad Pitt?

12. Or angry naked Brad Pitt?

13. Here's a handsome Jamie Dornan.

14. And an equally handsome Charlie Hunnam.

15. Channing Tatum just relaxing on a chair in his pants.

16. And also telling you you look beautiful.

17. James Franco playing tonsil tennis with himself.

18. And Michael Fassbender toying with his keys in his mouth.

19. This male model will just make you melt.

20. As will this one. Hi Francisco!

21. Is a topless Zac Efron doing anything for you?

22. How about a dancing shirtless one?

23. And Matt Bomer dancing in barely anything?

25. Here's Benedict Cumberbatch winking.

26. And Ian Somerhalder kissing a dog.

27. David Gandy's also too cute for words with this pooch.

28. And this one.

29. But he's irresistible without his furry friends, too.

30. Look at Michael Ealy licking those kissable lips.

31. And Ian Somerhalder giving you a little wave.

32. Here's Taylor Lautner taking his top off.

33. And Jesse Williams is just TOO much.

34. Jake Gyllenhaal's got his come to bed look going on.

35. Can you resist?

36. How are you doing now?

37. Is Ryan Gosling tipping you over the edge?

38. This should do it.