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    Busted Prove Just How Well They Know Each Other, With Hilarious Results

    The band came in to play the BuzzFeed BFF game.

    Any '00s Busted fan would have been ecstatic at last year's announcement that the band were finally getting back together after over 10 years apart – and YES, even with Charlie Simpson on board. In December 2004 Charlie announced he was leaving the group, leading to Busted breaking up a month later and our hearts splitting in two. We got a taste for their music once again when James Bourne and Matt Willis joined forces with McFly to form supergroup McBusted in 2013. And now they're back where they belong – together, as a trio, making new music and touring together.

    Their new album, Night Driver, has just been released, which means we were lucky enough to get a visit from them during their current promo tour. So we decided to test the longtime friends on just how well they know each other with the BuzzFeed BFF test. Here's what went down...

    They set the stakes pretty high...


    Then got fully into it...

    What food can Matt not live without?


    Charlie: Quest bars

    James: Meat

    Matt: Quest bars! Mmmmm... Naughty! :)

    We have a match!


    What phrase or word does James overuse?


    Matt: [almost immediately] I've got it.

    James: I don't even know!


    Matt: I think James is quite unaware of himself.

    James: I dunnow.

    Charlie: Water.

    Matt: Like...

    Matt: [about Charlie's answer] That stinks! He does say that, he does say that! [all laugh] You say "like" more: "It's like, you know, like, when like, like, like, like, like..." [doing an impression of Charlie's answer] "Actually I'll have a water. I'll just have a water... I'll have exactly what he's having, but I'll just have a water." [all laugh] I love this game by the way! I fucking love games.


    What is Charlie's favourite drink?


    James: [whispers] That's a very difficult question. I'm very bad at this game.

    Charlie: Red wine.

    James: Flat white.

    Matt: Red wine (not Merlot) he only likes a good grape.

    It's another match!

    Extra points to Matt for getting his answer so specifically right.

    Who's the mum of the band?


    Charlie: Matt.

    James: Matt.

    Matt: Me!

    It's a triple match!

    What is the most embarrassing thing Matt has ever done?

    (There was a LOT of cheating for this one.)


    James: I know what Charlie's one is but I don't know what Matt's one is.

    Matt: [after noticing James looking over his shoulder four times] Don't look, James!

    Charlie: Asked out Jodie.

    James: Dyed his hair green.

    Matt: Asked out Jodie in class and she said no!

    Matt: [looks at Charlie's answer, bursts out laughing] You're such a cheater. You're such a fucking cheater! I asked out Jodi Albert in class, I sent her a little note along and I said tick a box and she ticked no. [sad face] She sent it back and everyone knew. I even gave her a maybe box and she still said no. [looks at James's answer] I loved the green!

    What animal would you say Charlie is most like?


    Matt: What's the most clumsy animal?

    Charlie: Well, I know what I want it to be, I'm putting that down.

    Charlie: Lion.

    James: Kangaroo.

    Matt: Bear! Cuddly, clumsy, stroppy!

    Charlie: [looks at Matt's answer, nods in agreement] What did you put? [to James]

    James: I put kangaroo.

    Charlie: [bursts out laughing] What?!

    What is James's secret talent?


    Charlie: Impressions.

    James: Move hair.

    Matt: Ping pong.

    Matt: [seeing James's answer] Oh, that's a really good one. Impressions is good. I said ping pong. But James, show them the moving of the hair.

    [James shows his moving hair trick]

    Charlie: That is good.


    What is Charlie's go-to karaoke song?


    Matt: I know, I know, I know.

    Charlie: Do you? You should remember this.

    Charlie: REM "Losing My Religion"

    James: "Runaway Train" or REM

    Matt: "Runaway Train"

    Matt: It's not "Runaway Train"?


    Charlie: That's good but no.

    James: REM?

    Charlie: REM!

    James: I put REM! I said REM! I win a point, I get a point!

    Matt: I think you get half a point.

    James: [ignores Matt] OK, next one...

    What food could James not live without?


    Charlie: Chocolate.

    James: Chocolate.

    Matt: Choccy.

    It's another triple match!

    If Charlie could go anywhere in the world where would he go?


    Charlie: Bora Bora.

    James: Siberia.

    Matt: Maldives!

    Matt: Am I right? I put Maldives.

    Charlie: Nooo!

    Matt: I thought you went to Bora Bora?

    Charlie: No, the Maldives. [laughs] We literally had this conversation yesterday.

    Who's most likely to forget the lyrics?


    Charlie: Me!

    James: Charlie.

    Matt: Charlie.

    What's James's most annoying habit?


    Charlie: Being late.

    James: Talk too much.

    Matt: Telling you the plot of a movie!

    Matt: [looks at Charlie's answer] That's best, that's very true.

    James: [I put] talk too much.

    Matt: I don't think you talk too much.

    Charlie: [laughs] That's the least of your problems, mate!

    Thanks for playing along, guys!

    Laura Gallant/BuzzFeed

    Busted's new album, Night Driver, is out NOW and you can find their 2017 tour dates here.

    Laura Gallant/BuzzFeed

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