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Benedict Cumberbatch Makes Surprise Comic Store Visit Dressed As Doctor Strange

A comic fan's dream come true.

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You're a comic book fan casually hanging out in a New York comic store...what could be the best thing to happen to you?

Benedict Cumberbatch strolling in dressed as Doctor Strange, of course.

Facebook: JHUComicBooksNYC

The actor casually rocked up to JHU Comic Books in full makeup and superhero costume while on a break from filming the movie in Manhattan this weekend.

Facebook: JHUComicBooksNYC

He stopped to greet staff and pose for photos next to a Doctor Strange comic.

And then the glorious moment was over.

And on top of that, fans also caught a sneak peek of him filming Doctor Strange in the streets with Chiwetel Ejiofor.

I look forward to seeing what this is supposed to be in the real Dr. Strange film.

Real. Life. Hero.