Benedict Cumberbatch Is A Snow God Stroking Dogs In Finland

Snowbatch, we love you.

1. Oh, just Benedict Cumberbatch hanging out in the snow in Finland.

Joe Windsor-Williams for High Life magazine / Via

2. British Airways’ High Life magazine took him there for a photo shoot.

3. Which of course excited his fans on Twitter.

4. Especially when they saw pictures of him stroking dogs in the snow. TOO much.

5. One fan even turned it into this amazing piece of art work.

6. He also cheated death and drove across an ice road in a Jaguar.

Joe Windsor-Williams for High Life magazine / Via

8. Then he kept warm by a fire, which was just beautiful. We agree with everything this person tweeted.

All you ever need really: #BenedictCumberbatch , a nice fire, #coffee and #dogs nothing more, nothing less: #myedit

— Kati (@Keet67)

9. Snow. God.

I should get out of bed but #BenedictCumberbatch...

— Sam Camberby (@cumberby)

See the full article and pictures in British Airways’ High Life magazine, out now.

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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