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    33 Beaches You'd Never Believe Were In Britain

    Are you suuure that's not the Mediterranean?

    1. Greece?

    MyLoupe/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

    Nope! This crystal clear water is in fact Achmelvich, in Wester Ross on the west coast of Scotland. SCOTLAND!

    2. Spain?


    You'd be forgiven for thinking so thanks to the clear water and stunning sand. But this is actually Calgary Bay, Isle of Mull, off the west coast of Scotland. Now you just need the sun to stick around.

    3. Corfu?


    Nope! It's Kynance Cove, on Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula. Where there are plenty of jaw dropping seaside spots.

    4. South of France?


    This dream-like cove and cliffs can be found at Bullslaughter Bay, towards Moodys Nose in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Who would have thought?

    5. Mallorca?


    Blue water? Boats? A pretty backdrop? And all at Lulworth Cove in Dorset.

    6. Turkey?


    No, no - just another beautiful spot in Cornwall. This is St. Michael's Mount.

    7. Portugal?


    It's hard to believe but this beach is called Man of War Bay... and it's in Isle Of Purbeck, also in Dorset.

    8. Croatia?


    Wrong again. This is La Corbiere Point, a beautiful part of Jersey.

    9. Queensland?


    The last place you'd think this is would be Shanklin Beach on the Isle Of Wight. But there you go!

    10. Whitsundays?


    White sand as far as the eye can see and it's all sitting there waiting for you in Luskentyre, Isle of Harris in Scotland.

    11. Sardinia?


    You could easily forget where you are during a stroll on Bamburgh Beach in Northumberland.

    12. Italy?


    Nope! This tranquil setting is Durdle Door in Dorset.

    13. French Riviera?


    It's what dreams are made of. And it's at Porthcurno Beach in Cornwall. You'll never need to go abroad again.

    14. Tuscany?


    No... just Tenby in Wales.

    15. Fuerteventura?


    Nope! It's Viking Bay, in sunny Broadstairs in Kent.

    16. Australia?


    Far from it - it's actually Seilebost Beach, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

    17. Crete?


    Why would you go there when Salcombe Beach is sitting in Devon?

    18. California?


    The UK equivalent at Kynance Cove in Cornwall.

    19. New Zealand?


    Oh, just Flamborough Head... in YORKSHIRE.

    20. Cyprus?


    This beautifully clear water can be found instead at East Portlemouth, Devon.

    21. Japan?


    Far from it. This is Botany Bay, in south east Kent.

    22. Anywhere but Scotland?

    Flickr: bluesky4691

    Wrong... it is Scotland! Tolsta Beach in Isle of Lewis to be precise.

    23. Lanzarote?


    So wrong. This beautiful long stretch is Woolacombe, North Devon.

    24. Ibiza?

    REX USA/Global Warming Images / Rex

    You can't get more idyllic than this. And yet again it's in Cornwall, this time at Porthmeor Cove in St. Ives.

    25. Norway?


    This beauty of a beach is actually in Pobbles Bay in Gower, Swansea.

    26. Tunisia?

    Nope! It's Kingsgate Bay in Kent, where there are plenty of amazing beachside walks.

    27. Mauritius?


    Just another secluded spot in Cornwall. This exotic looking beach is called Pedn Vounder.

    28. Sicily?


    This pretty part of the world is actually Chapman's Pool in Dorset.

    29. Goa?


    You'd think so, but it's the beautiful sands of Crackington Haven, south west England.

    30. Puglia?


    Oh, just Elender Cove in South Devon.

    31. India?


    Can you believe this is actually Traigh a'Mhill near Fidden in Scotland? Goodbye exotic holiday, hellooooo Scotland!

    32. Fiji?


    Nope! This is Broad Sands on the Exmoor coast.

    33. Malaysia?


    Who doesn't want to take a swim here... in Knockvologan, Isle of Mull?

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