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Arya Stark's Perfectly Sassy Response To "Game Of Thrones" Book Fans

Just stop ruining the show, OK?

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It's one of the unfortunate problems with watching Game of Thrones – constantly trying to avoid spoilers. Especially from those who have already read George RR Martin's books.

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It's even been annoying Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark in the franchise, as she doesn't even know what's in store for her character.

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I'm so sick of going on the internet and seeing all the book readers being snobby, spoiling it for other people, then saying, 'Well, it's not a spoiler. The books have been out for years.'Like, couldn't you just stop being mad for a second and let other people enjoy the show?They feel they have a claim on the series because they read the books first, and I understand that, but they don't need to be mean about it.

And as for Lady Stoneheart being left out of the TV series? Arya says tough luck.

I liked moments like this, because book readers think they know what's coming, then we change it and it's really funny to watch their reactions.They're always like, 'That's not what happened in the books, so the show's really bad now.' But really, they just feel insecure because they're used to knowing what's coming next.

Consider yourself told.