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    The New "Tarzan" Trailer Has Dropped And It's Even Better Than The First

    Ahhh-uh-ah-uh-aHHHHH, we can't wait!!

    We've already been treated to the first The Legend of Tarzan trailer, featuring a lot of Alexander Skarsgård and his insane Tarzan yell.

    But NOW Warner Bros. has released the second trailer. And it is SO GOOOOOD.

    View this video on YouTube

    And mainly it contains an awful lot more Alexander.

    OK, so a fair bit more brutality as well.

    Showing more of his animal instincts.

    But mostly a load of this.

    And this.

    Also hey Margot Robbie.

    And, of course, a lot of this.

    Basically we CANNOT WAIT.

    Watch the second trailer again here.

    The Legend of Tarzan opens in theaters July 8, 2016.