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    Adele Offers Comfort To Grenfell Tower Fire Victims By Turning Up To A Vigil

    The singer turned up to the site with her husband for a low-key visit late on Wednesday night and went around asking if everyone was OK.

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    Adele showed her support for the victims of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in London by turning up to comfort them late last night.

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    At least 17 people died and 78 people were taken to six hospitals after the fire tore through the north Kensington tower block shortly before 1am on Wednesday morning.

    The singer, who grew up in Tottenham, was photographed talking to and hugging people in the crowd after showing up to the vigil that was held for those affected by the tragedy.

    FourMee / Twitter / Reuters

    Tom Maughan, 26, was one of those who met Adele at the scene last night. He said she turned up without security guards and spent 15 minutes comforting everyone at around 1am.

    Tom Maughan/BuzzFeed

    Maugham, who was at the scene supporting his friend Kimberley Williams, who has been made homeless, told BuzzFeed News: "She was so nice. She was with her husband, she was going round talking to people.

    "She said, 'Is everyone okay? Are the dogs okay?' She was so nice. There's a picture of me hugging her on the internet.

    "She stayed about 15 minutes. She tried to keep it on the low. Everyone was happy – she's Adele. There were a few people around; it was about 1 o'clock in the morning. I made a big scene and everyone else came running.

    "She didn't have any security or anything, she just came on her own with her husband. She's got Oscars, she's got Grammys, she's friends with Beyoncé! She wasn't even hiding her face, she was in her full glory."

    Twitter and Instagram user @FourMee captured the emotional moment.

    Adele wasn't the only celebrity to offer help to those affected by the tragedy. On Wednesday morning Jamie Oliver offered food, drink, and shelter in his nearby restaurants.

    And others tweeted their support and urged people to help.

    People of Kensington. Remember to give what you can spare - clothes etc - to those made homeless by that terrible fire.

    Shocked and devastated to hear this terrible news. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this horrific tragedy…

    #GrenfellTower fire - You can drop clothes, water or food to St Clements Church, 95 Sirdar Rd, W11 4EQ #GrenfellTower please RT & share

    Horrific scenes in West London, thoughts and prayers to all. What a sense of community and how incredible are our emergency services. Proud.

    My heart is with everyone affected by the tragic fire in london today. The community pulling together is comfort at such a sad time x

    Praying for all those involved in the west London fire today. A tower block that I used to live close to. Love and prayers for all involved

    And Lily Allen also offered beds and tea to residents.

    I've never seen anything like it in my life . Praying people got out ok

    If anyone need a bed or a lift, or tea tweet me and I'll follow back. #NorthKensington

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