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    Emma Watson Just Proved She's The Nicest, Most Down-To-Earth Celebrity There Is

    Emma's got your back.

    If you needed further proof of what a perfect human being Emma Watson is, here she is stopping an interview to let a reporter know she has a pen smudge on her face.

    Emma was being interviewed alongside Dan Stevens for Beauty and the Beast when she decided to be the best friend every woman hopes for.

    Emma, after being incredibly polite about interrupting Dan mid-sentence, got up and removed the mark herself.

    She then asked her makeup artist to come and cover up the ink smudge.

    The reporter, who works for Spanish TV platform Moviestar +, blushed as Emma helped her out and thanked her before saying: "This is the best part of the whole trip!"

    Emma even put her mind at rest and tried to stop her being embarrassed.

    We all need friends like Emma.

    And it kind of reminds of something....

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