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37 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Well And Truly Owned 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch basically just owned this year.

1. When he showed off his Beyoncé walk like the divine creature that he is.

2. And gave this perfect comeback to mean tweets about himself.

3. The time he was a snow god stroking dogs in Finland.

Oh my goodness! #BenedictCumberbatch #snow #dogs


Oh my goodness! #BenedictCumberbatch #snow #dogs

3:08 PM - 31 Mar 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

4. And the time he even made the future king of England fangirl over him.

Doug Seeburg/The Sun/PA Wire/Press Association Images

5. But let's not forget one of his most epic moments ever: this photobomb at the 2014 Oscars.

Getty Images Kevork Djansezian

Which has now forever been etched into our memories.

6. And, of course, instantly became a meme.

7. Then he ruled even more by photobombing his own waxwork.


Like so.

8. When he bumped into TV arch-enemy Andrew Scott, only to show off their real-life bromance in the best way imaginable.

David M. Benett / Getty Images
David M. Benett / Getty Images

Champagne bottle in hand, of course.

9. 2014 will also forever be known as the year we realised Benedict Cumberbatch can't say the word "penguins."

View this video on YouTube

10. But he managed to face his fears like the king that he is.

Getty Images Frazer Harrison

11. And finally learned how to say it in the sweetest way possible.

12. The time he completely owned this umbrella on the red carpet and made us wish we could be such a lucky inanimate object.

Dave J Hogan / Getty Images

13. Then there was the time he took a celebrity impressions challenge and totally killed it.

View this video on YouTube

Particularly his Tom Hiddleston.

14. Whose bromance with Cumberbatch, btw, also heightened in 2014.

Richard Young / Rex/REX USA

15. When he proved he was even more perfect with a feminist T-shirt.

Now THIS is what a feminist looks like #ellefeminism #BenedictCumberbatch


Now THIS is what a feminist looks like #ellefeminism #BenedictCumberbatch

12:46 PM - 27 Oct 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

16. And when he, quite frankly, ruled the Ice Bucket Challenge.


17. He even made dick jokes at Comic-Con.

18. And ruled every. Single. Interview.

19. Even when he broke down in giggles.

20. When he met Robert Downey Jr and created SHERLOCK-CEPTION.

Jordan Strauss/Invision for Producers Guild / AP Images

21. And life was never the same again.

Jordan Strauss/Invision for Producers Guild / AP Images / Via

22. When he broke the internet with this kiss. (Yes, that was this year.)

23. And took complete and utter meltdown to a whole new level with this.

24. In fact, he spent the year causing emotional havoc. Like when he accepted his National Television Award while wearing swimming shorts.


25. And the time he danced us into a frenzy.


26. When he revealed he has the weirdest hidden talent ever.

27. And provided many an entertaining photo opportunity.

Sorry I keep forgetting the #Sherlock ! It's a good job @SteveLawes is good with a camera

Claire Pritchard@Claire_cpjFollow

Sorry I keep forgetting the #Sherlock ! It's a good job @SteveLawes is good with a camera

10:03 PM - 05 Jan 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

28. When he showed the world he's a mummy's boy who loves flowers, and we fell in love just a little bit more.

PA Archive/Press Association Images Yui Mok

29. And gave one of his best, albeit slightly drunk and sweary, speeches to date.

30. The moment he appeared on the cover of Time magazine as Alan Turing.

31. And also graced Out magazine.

Samuel Bradley for OUT

32. When he defended LBGT rights "to the death" and had this to say.

Samuel Bradley for OUT

33. He even taught us how to count like a badass.

34. And showed off his moves with Michael Fassbender at the Golden Globes, providing the best picture opportunity possible.

Todd Williamson/Invision for FOX Broadcasting Company / AP Images

35. And let's not forget, 2014 was also the year he debuted his romance with Sophie Hunter at the tennis.

French Select / Getty Images Rindoff/Charriau

36. The year he then got engaged to her in the most Benedict Cumberbatch way possible.

The Times

37. And they instantly became rulers of the cute couple on the red carpet award. <3


Now for 2015 we'd like to see a Cumberbatch Oscar and also an invite to the wedding. No pressure, Benedict...

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