17 Of The Most Devastating #BridesmaidProblems

Oh, you wanna hang out? I’m available after July…

Your friend’s just got engaged and has chosen you as her bridesmaid.


1. And while you’re very excited, it’s not quite what it’s cracked up to be.

2. Because all of a sudden, you’re the most skint you’ve ever been.

I didn't realize that as you get older, it becomes more and more expensive to have good friends... #bridesmaidproblems

— MKErachel (@MKErachel)

3. And your social life has gone out of the window.

And while my friends are all at the Celtics game tonight I will be baking and making wedding scrapbook pages #BridesmaidProblems

— Bacon Loving Blonde (@BaconBlonde)

Everyone going to the harvest festival but im stuck doing wedding related things . #Bridesmaidproblems

— Rachel ❁☾ ☼ (@spirtualhappy)

Oh you wanna hang out? I'm available after July.. #BridesmaidProblems #weddingseason

— Stephanie Ramos (@ImStephRamos)

4. In fact, no time is your own time any more.

Tried to go to bed hours ago and ended up getting called up by the sister to help with a minor wedding disaster #bridesmaidproblems

— anna (@annaplainnn)

5. Especially when you have SO much to do.

Lost feeling in my thumbs making paper flowers... #bridesmaidproblems

— Leslie Warwick (@leswar33)

I'll be glad when I never have to come back here. #BridesmaidProblems (@ David's Bridal) http://t.co/Kz3KqCTskV

— Jordon River (@miss_jordon)

Getting introduced to the "bowdabra" #bridesmaidproblems

— The First Date (@firstdateblog)

6. Which can make you somewhat cranky.

I will not throw and/or attend more showers than years your marriage will last. #bridesmaidproblems

— Kelly Travis (@kellytravisty)

7. Then there’s the never-ending problem with shoes.

I hate peep toe heels and don't understand why people are so obsessed with them #bridesmaidproblems

— Meaghan McCloskey (@Meaghan_Mc3)

Online shopping for navy heels in August is like trying to find an invisible needle in an endless haystack. #bridesmaidproblems

— Sarah Kate Snyder (@SarahKateSnyder)

I feel like a hooker walking around my house trying to break my heals in for the wedding. #bridesmaidproblems

— Stephanie Olson (@Stephaniee_Joyy)

Practicing kneeling and standing back up in these shoes. Princess Grace I am not. #bridesmaidproblems #catholicweddingproblems

— Sleepy Poptart (@popup82)

8. Which remains an issue right up to the big day.

I had to walk on this in heels while carrying a wedding dress #bridesmaidproblems

— libby (@libbykrogers)

Uh-oh we have toe cleavage! So scandalous! #BridesmaidProblems

— Sarah Smith Blevins (@Lady_Blevins)

9. There’s also the relentless worrying about what you’re going to look like.

Sittin' out, with my tan-lines,/ Can't go wrong, cos I'm in right #bridesmaidproblems

— Roberta Klimt (@RobertaKlimt)

I think the last time I put that my effort into shaving was prom. I don't even know why, my dress is to the floor .... #bridesmaidproblems

— Katie Gouthro. ⚓ (@KayxGee)

10. And the battle between wanting to look good yet keep the bride happy.

That moment you realize your opinion doesn't matter and dressing for your body type goes out window #bridesmaidproblems

— Anna Walston (@Annaewals)

#BridesmaidProblems She makes me laugh.

— CРИСТИНА (@TenFour85)

"Do I look hot enough so I subtly steal the thunder, but not so hot that I overtly steal the thunder?" #bridesmaidproblems

— Sarah Valerio (@Sarah_SV)

11. Sometimes things can get a little frustrating.

Bridezilla not answering her phone makes it difficult to know whether or not I'm hailing a cab or being picked up #bridesmaidproblems

— Kathleen Touset (@Ktouset)

There are FAR too many hairstyles on pinterest to pick one. #bridesmaidproblems

— Teddi Bircks (@teddi_bircks)

Fml 4am start tmrw. #weddingday #bridesmaidproblems

— Diana Ngo (@ngodiana_)

12. Especially where bobby pins are concerned.

It seriously is going to be months before I get all these bobby pins out of my head #bridesmaidproblems

— Heidi Engebretsen (@HeidiEngebretse)

Lost track of how many bobby pins I have in my hair! #bridesmaidproblems

— Sarah Blattner (@sblatt11)

I just found another bobby pin in my hair. Over 24 hours after wedding and post hair washing #bridesmaidproblems

— Elisabeth Zuerker (@ezlistening)

I just got pat down at O'Hare security because all the bobby pins in my hair set off the alarm. (... #bridesmaidproblems?)

— Shannon Otto (@stotto)

Um I totally cannot manage bobby pins without messing up manicured nails. #bridesmaidproblems

— Erin Goettsch (@ebum1101)

It will take days, if not weeks, to get all of the hairspray from the past two days out of my hair. #bridesmaidproblems

— Amanda Ritchie (@AmandaLRitchie)

13. And even “fun” is not fun any more because you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE A GOOD TIME. And absolutely MUST GET DRUNK.

"The only time you're allowed to leave the dance floor is if you need a drink or you have the go to the bathroom" #bridesmaidproblems

— Katlin Hess (@KatlinHess)

When I agreed to working the shot table I don't realize everyone would force you to take a shot with them #bridesmaidproblems #drunkproblems

— rebecca whitehead (@beccamarley)

"I'm allergic to alcohol, my throat swells up ...but I brought my inhaler just in case I'm forced to drink" #bridesmaidproblems

— Jesi Chalen (@JesiChalen)

Thank God weddings include free alcohol cause I need to get shmashed to be comfortable in one of those fufu dresses #bridesmaidproblems

— Jessica Byrne (@JessxBurn)

"Look Heather we are having fun right now." As a bridesmaid is laying in the bus with a bloody nose. #bridesmaidproblems

— Lauren (@LifeofLauren2)

14. And all the drinking and organising gets a little bit much.

Drunk last night, up early this morning. #bridesmaidproblems @gabi_menefield @trasey_dyann

— Breann! (@b_swizzle74)

Maybe getting hammered at the rehearsal wasn't the smartest idea #bridesmaidproblems

— gloria little (@glowsixx)

15. Sometimes you feel like you’re a glorified secretary.

Hello, @kjohnson67 's secretary speaking, she is currently at a fitting, can I take a message? #bridesmaidproblems

— Delaney Andrews (@sadlynotbatman)

Spending 30 minutes on the phone with David's Bridal & planning a Bridal Shower with only one other Bridesmaid's help. #bridesmaidproblems

— Kenzie Richardson ⚓ (@KenzieBean95)

Oh hey day before the wedding and I still haven't written my speech #bridesmaidproblems

— caralie (@caralief)
Warner Bros.

16. And sometimes people are just speaking a completely different language.

So @whitneymathews just sent me a text in a foreign language. Girl, I don't speak floral. #bridesmaidproblems

— Cara McDonald (@caramcdo)

Get this. there are differences between the colors champagne, latte, and unshiny gold. I don't know what they are. #bridesmaidproblems

— Delaney Andrews (@sadlynotbatman)

When on earth am I going to use a bridesmaid hoodie or apron again? #BridesmaidProblems

— Bacon Loving Blonde (@BaconBlonde)

17. But your main gripe is the constant dieting for *that* dress.

Steamed brusselsprouts for dinner after 2 workouts & an infrared sauna sesh...so excited to get into that dress #sarcasm #bridesmaidproblems

— McSugarBoobs (@_TayTayJustine)

Hello starvation. T-11 weeks until wedding day. #bridesmaidproblems #junewedding #bridesmaid #specialk

— Redlegs girl (@citylovesweetie)

The only solid food I get until July 21 aka @BridgerClader & @alyssacristine's wedding #crashdiet #bridesmaidproblems

— Mallory W. Tolleson (@mallorytolleson)

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