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    16 Bizarre Moments In Geri Halliwell's New Music Video

    Dancing bears and weird dances. The "Half Of Me" promo is just odd.

    1. The opening sequence for starters.

    2. When Geri finally appeared and she looked so much tinier than everyone else.

    3. When she did this awkward move.

    4. When she was surrounded by these two topless men.

    5. When she all of a sudden had a big lion next to her.

    6. Then a bear casually came to join them.

    7. When she tried to get down with the kids.

    8. The weird house party moments.

    9. When she rubbed herself like so.

    10. Every time she did this dance move.

    11. This moment.

    12. This clubbing with the kids bit.

    13. When this man sniffed her hair.

    14. This.

    15. All her new found friends.

    16. And when she was kidnapped and the lion was either celebrating or angry about it. We're not quite sure which.

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