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    Posted on Sep 24, 2015

    Welcome To The New Celebrity #IceBucketChallenge

    Kanye meets King Lear. Madonna meets Macbeth.

    First we had the #NoMakeUpSelfie initiative, then we had the #IceBucketChallenge.

    *Just another excuse to show you those again tbh.

    And now celebrities are flooding the web with another challenge. And it's hilarious.

    Welcome to #15SecondShakespeare – which involves people dramatically reciting pop songs as if they were in a Shakespeare play.

    My #15SecondShakespeare thanks @r_jacz and I nominate @imrosemciver and @jenmorrisonlive

    And celebrities are flooding Twitter with their renditions.

    Here's Minnie Driver using Kanye's lyrics.

    @davidfynn #kanye made me go full Staurt. #15secondshakespeare I also nominate @SirPatStew

    And Ralf Little's "Gold Digger" is pure genius.

    Ok @CHIMPSINSOCKS here's my #15secondShakespeare (at 25 secs). Nominate @jackwhitehall and @Sheridansmith1

    True Blood's Stephen Moyer also gave it a go.

    it's over 15 but U can't rush The Bard Of Woking. I nominate @alistairpetrie & @IAmJohnAles #15secondshakespeare

    Not only are they damn amusing.

    @FisayoAkinade @rebeccacallard nominate: @RalfLittle Martin Freeman and @daisy_haggard #15secondshakespeare

    And brilliantly enjoyable to watch.

    Thanks for the nom @amyhubcast Calling @Jason__Watkins @EnzoCilenti and @EdStoppard #15secondshakespeare

    But it's also for charity, raising awareness and money for the British Red Cross.

    Hey. @davidfynn here is my #15secondShakespeare I nominate @neilhimself @JoeSims10

    @JAHollingworth ! #15secondshakespeare #redcross I nominate @RubyBentall @tomoausten @FionaHampton

    #15secondshakespeare @JaneSlavin @garybeadle @RonanSummers #WBstudios #Supergirl I nominate @alistairpetrie

    Here's how to donate and get involved btw.

    In case you're wondering what #15secondshakespeare is all about... Text ACT to 70600 to donate £10


    Now can we please see Patrick Stewart's nomination happen...

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