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18 Hilarious Narrator Tweets That Will Make You Spit Out Your Coffee

Me: I'm not bitter about it. Narrator: She was very bitter about it.

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Have you ever wondered what your life would be like with a narrator?


Well lucky enough, Twitter has done the job of imagining one for you. Here are some of the best examples:

1. This OutKast reference:

abbynotabigail_ / Via Twitter: @abbynotabigail_

2. This medical mystery:

cutequeer96 / Via Twitter: @cutequeer96

3. This very realistic truth about meeting any and all dogs:

Reverend_Scott / Via Twitter: @Reverend_Scott

4. This relationship status:

Ruthie_1214 / Via Twitter: @Ruthie_1214

5. This contradiction:

emmj3 / Via Twitter: @emmj3

6. This job interview:

griffinsgoofs / Via Twitter: @griffinsgoofs

7. This clarification:

notjustblondee / Via Twitter: @notjustblondee

8. This "medical procedure":

Seinloog / Via Twitter: @Seinloog

9. This truth about most dads:

nadolny / Via Twitter: @nadolny22

10. This status update:

flahertykeely / Via Twitter: @flahertykeely

11. This clear decision:

nahh0mie / Via Twitter: @nahh0mie

12. This play on "Mr. Brightside":

malortyweaver / Via Twitter: @malortyweaver

13. This confession:

NerdyAndQuirky / Via Twitter: @NerdyAndQuirky

14. This splurge:

lilypearl_ / Via Twitter: @lilypearl_

15. This awkward moment:

bella_patella / Via Twitter: @bella_patella

16. This new slogan for the Democratic party:

airercode500 / Via Twitter: @airercode500

17. This relationship struggle:

troymontero / Via Twitter: @troymontero

18. And this refusal to let a good meme die:

chrisgeidner / Via Twitter: @chrisgeidner

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