19 Older Couples That Have Restored My Faith That True Love Actually Exists

    You don't have to be young to be #goals.

    1. Y'all the internet has provided me with so many cute AF older couples, my heart is so full. Like these two and their matching tees with a note to return to sender:

    2. Or this husband and wife who still take time for weekly dates, while I can't even get one:

    3. These two prove that you can get down with your spouse no matter how old you are:

    If this isn't me and my future husband, I want a divorce already.

    And that "Tipsy" is still a banger, no matter how old you are.

    4. This mom and dad *almost* make me wish I had someone to match with:

    5. This grandma's journal would probably put a Nicholas Sparks novel to shame:

    6. And this Valentine's Day card renews my faith that I'll find someone to appreciate my sass someday:

    7. These parents and their cute AF gesture are making me want to re-evaluate my junior high crushes:

    8. This couple who is so proud to be celebrating their love they took it to the streets and I'M CRYING:

    9. I bet even the radio stations are jealous of this constant request line:

    10. This mom and dad are having so much fun, it's almost rude:

    11. This grandpa's messages are probably better than any seasonal greeting ever:

    12. And these parents have a better sense of internet PDA than most teenagers:

    13. This spot on Popeye and Olive Oyl is putting all of the young cosplayers to shame:

    14. This couple looks just as in love now as they were 51 years ago AND IT'S TOO CUTE:

    15. And these little babes still act like teenagers in love, and are certainly less cynical than most teens I know:

    16. These 'rents make cruising in style on a bicycle built for two look as easy as true love itself:

    17. This guy gives me hope that MAYBE SOMEDAY A MAN WILL MAKE ME HIS PHONE WALLPAPER:

    18. And don't even try flexing on Instagram because this man has you beat:

    19. Last but not least, this grandpa and his fresh ink might be the best tattoo of all time:

    In summary: