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19 Older Couples That Have Restored My Faith That True Love Actually Exists

You don't have to be young to be #goals.

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3. These two prove that you can get down with your spouse no matter how old you are:

If this isn't me and my future husband, I want a divorce already.

And that "Tipsy" is still a banger, no matter how old you are.


6. And this Valentine's Day card renews my faith that I'll find someone to appreciate my sass someday:

sidneyroberts2 / Via Twitter: @sidneyroberts2

Grandpa: "How did we ever get together? Me being all heart, and you being all mouth. Happy Valentine's Day."


14. This couple looks just as in love now as they were 51 years ago AND IT'S TOO CUTE:

gud_vs_bad / Via Instagram: @gud_vs_bad

16. These 'rents make cruising in style on a bicycle built for two look as easy as true love itself: