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18 Moments From Jean-Ralphio And Tom Haverford That Remind Us It's Okay To Be Extra AF

"Are we calling everyone baby now? Because I like that, baby."

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7. And when Tom hijacked Leslie's campaign mixer and brought in a "celebrity" who endorsed Entertainment 720:

Tom: "I can't reveal my identity, but suffice it to say I run a fairly popular social networking site. And let's *face* it: *Booking* E720 was the smartest decision I ever made.

Leslie: "Okay, I know that video seemed like the rantings of a lunatic pretending to be Mark Zuckerberg—"

Tom: "That's who it was?"

Leslie: "No."

Tom: "That is impressive."

9. And when Jean-Ralphio called Tom's ex (who he was still in love with) to come to the party:


Tom: "Hey, Lucy. What are you doing here?"

Tom: [to Jean-Ralphio] "I can't believe you called her for me."

(Even though the gesture was definitely not as pure as Tom thought):


10. When Tom tried to teach Jean-Ralphio the importance of hard work before staying up all night to work on his Rent-a-Swag pitch:

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Tom: "Sometimes, you gotta work a little so you can ball a lot."

Jean-Ralphio: "That was beautiful. That changed me."

12. When Tom showed off his horticulture skills right before he and Leslie found what they thought was weed in the community garden:


Tom: [to the camera] "Whenever Leslie asks me for the Latin names of any of our plants, I just give her the names of rappers."

Leslie: "What's this, Tom?"

Tom: "Those are, of course, tomatoes, or Souljaboy tellems."

Leslie: "And those over there?"

Tom: "Uh, those are some Diddies. There's some Bonethugs and Harmoniums right there. Those Ludacrises are coming in great."

13. When Jean-Ralphio tried to pick up not only Ann, but also Chris and their unborn baby:


14. And when he continued to sing into everyone's ear:

15. Or when Jean-Ralphio had this A+ game show idea:

breathy / Via

Jean-Ralphio: "I create a game show. Two people on stage. They flip a coin, right? One of them has to perform open heart surgery. The other one has to receive open heart surgery. We call it? 'Open Heart Surgery!'"

16. When they both had their own very special moments with Joan Callamezzo:

Joan: "I'm going to go powder my nose. Amongst other things. If you know what I mean."

Ben: "Is she going to powder her vagina?"


And Jean-Ralphio faking his own death: